Start Garden Party

Start Garden Party
A Garden Party to Make a Difference

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Pimp Yo Pants! Q&A: Jenny Ambrose

After two successful workshops at the Start Garden Party to Make a Difference,
Jenny Ambrose chatted with Jess Moore about her inspiration and passion.

1. What inspired you to become part of the fashion industry?
I started off doing general fashion and then I decided that wanted to
specialise in lingerie, I was just attracted to it. Lingerie is less
seasonal than fashion, i.e clothes and thus pieces don’t become
redundant as in fashion with its seasons. Also, I just love underwear!

It was a constant evolution, a personal journey, into self employment.

2. What are your favourite materials to work with?
Hemp and Bamboo. Bamboo is great because people are shocked to think
bamboo can actually be what’s making knickers! It’s also soft,
pliable, washes well and easy to fit. I started off wanting to make
hemp exciting; improving its reputation by printing bright spots,
things like that.

3. Who do you look to for inspiration?
Vivienne Westwood - for her controversy and sense of humour.

4. How can the public participate in this industry without becoming overwhelmed?
By encouraging people to draw on what they have in their own houses
and through teaching them, context-specifically about issues. If I’m
giving a workshop on organic knickers, I’ll talk about that, but not
other issues.

5. What do you think about the START Garden Party to Make a Difference?
On the main event Jenny thought it was brilliant; “I had no idea what
to expect - but it really inspires people. It’s great.”

Further to this, Jenny raved about the Red Cross Tent and the NOI
Collective’s practicality and set up. “The tent is really nicely set
out” and “there are lots of good tools” - the importance of which
Jenny and I discussed. Having good tools, we agreed, was a must for
allowing maximum enjoyment and education for the public. As an
activity (upcycling) which some people find new and hard to conceive
of, it’s vital that doing it feels as normal and easy as can be - a
bit like her idea of sexying up Hemp - to make it more accessible for

6. Any tips or advice?
“Go for things. Don’t think too much. Jump in and be experimental.”

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