Start Garden Party

Start Garden Party
A Garden Party to Make a Difference

Friday, 10 September 2010

Day 2: Recycle, Remake, Renew!

The day began with a suitcase of beads exploding into and enveloping the Red Cross Space; Alessandra Rigillo had arrived. As the tin cans of wooden, paper, glass, plastic and felt beads were unpacked, people started making their inquisitive way towards the scene.

While Alessandra’s jewellery/bookmark/key ring workshop began to get going, the Grow a Dress mannequin went through it’s first big changes, surely the first of many. Off went her bright orange waist belt and in came creams and browns and mauves which swirled around her curves and contrasted with the turquoise cape she held since the first day of the Garden Party.

The T-shirt workshop meanwhile cracked on, Carolina sewing a green t-shirt into the t-bag form, others of which hung on the surrounding models. Later on the Red Cross Team got involved and made their own tops and bags and enthused about upcycling, eager to go home and keep on sewing!

Overall the day was a success! Any rain encumbering the visitors only drew more to our workshop space where we discussed wastage, rubbish, junk and all their potential beautiful manifestations. People departed, from the rain and from the day, with explosive paper-bead rings, silk scarf evening tops and funky earrings with a multiplicity of items strung upon them, along with, hopefully, an enthusiasm and increased knowledge about the potential newness of their old wardrobes, curtains and piles of, let’s face it, what we all have: junk.

written by Jess Moore.

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